Perspectives On Deforestation: Opinion Essay

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Have you ever imagined a world where there were no trees?

Did you know that about half of the forests have been cleared according to the FAO. We are using the wood for furniture, houses, paper and fuel. All we are doing is removing tree but are we re-planting them?

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Mining is becoming a feature of deforestation because there are valuable resources under the ground, and they have to clear the way to the mine for their trucks and infrastructure.

Deforestation is the process of removing of trees in a space, which was a forest and now is converted into a space for human infrastructure, the is land available for residents, industrial and urban use. Most of deforestation is coming from the Amazon rainforest because companies cut down trees in order to use that space and that causes emissions into the sky. Deforestation first became an issue during the 1950’s and then returned when people realised that the extinction of animals was caused by deforestation, it has also recently became an issue due to growing population and high demand for resources.

In Brazil cattle ranching is the main cause of deforestation figures of authority were encouraging the act of deforestation about 38% was encouraged from 1966-1975

When a tree is cut down it releases carbon dioxide it is holding inside, and lets it into the atmosphere, trees play an important role in collecting the greenhouse gases which increases global warming, Forest are the home of 80% of wildlife living there. Deforestation has become such a serious problem, it is destroying habitats of animals and did you know that the earth used to be 31 percent of forest land but now is much less, more than 1 billion people rely on forest food. With the leaves of some tree it can be used to make sorts of medicine, but forest are dropping. At the rate we are going in the next 100 years all of the rainforest will be gone. Another problem is soil erosion, when a tree is cut down it cause soil erosion which means that farmers can’t plant any crops there, researcher say that half of the fertile soil is gone. Approximately 10 million hectares of land are not used anymore because of soil erosion. 15 per cent of green house gases are from deforestation. This can cause disruption of water cycles too. Trees control the amount of water that travels to the atmosphere, soil and ground. The roots from the tree soak up ground water and take it to the atmosphere using foliage. Cause that made deforestation is that farmers wanted for land for the graving of livestock, farming, mining for minerals are about more than half of the causes of deforestation. In some countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia they cut down trees to make palm oil. Loggers cut down trees in order to make paper supplies. Some deforestation is not just humans it is also caused by wild fires.

Different perspectives on deforestation.

1- Logger. Why does everyone think that deforestation is bad? There is nothing wrong with it. It is a good idea because it provides many people with jobs. At the end we are only chopping a few trees down and trimming the rainforest.

2- We think deforestation is a bad thing because when you cut down the trees it ruins the planet, don’t you know that without trees we will be dead because they provide us with oxygen. And some animals are getting extinct when you cut down trees you are destroying animals home

3- Personal POV. I think that deforestation is a bad because when we chop down trees, we are destroying and animals’ home. Deforestation is part of the cause of climate change, soil erosion and the amount of greenhouse gases that are let into the air and other disasters.


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