Essays on Pharmacy

Pharmacy: My Reasons To Choose This Sphere

My interest in pharmacy derives from my desire to help others and have an active role in the community, where I can work to directly improve the welfare of people around me. Visiting my family’s rural village in a developing country like Pakistan throughout my life and seeing a simple, albeit much needed, pharmacy open...
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Pharmacy As My Passion To Pursue

My passion to pursue pharmacy began during my early years of high school. The science of dispensing medicine, facilitating the required drug information and assessing the pharmaceutical drugs appeared to me as an interesting profession.  This interest was further boosted by the fact that biological sciences and mathematics were among the lessons that I loved...
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Pharmacy as My Future Career

My desire to study Pharmacy has stemmed from my love of Science and my eagerness to help others. Encountering pharma development in AS Biology sparked my interest in the research that goes into developing a drug. For example, research into combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To further support my interest in Pharmacy, I began to read articles...
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Analytical Essay on Status of Operational Excellence Implementation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Background Operational Excellence is the most consistent and reliable implementation of the business strategy than the competition, with lower operating costs and higher revenues compared to its rival. It is required more than ever in the rapidly changing business models powered by today’s technology, which allow organizations to undergo end-to-end business transformation. Operational excellence reports...
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