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Difference And Similarity Of Two Countries: Japan And Philippines

In our essay , we will tackle the difference and similarities of two countries, Japan and the Philippines. Even though these two countries are near to each other, the people, climate and culture are very different. Japan belongs to the first-class country while Philippines belong to third world country and that was the first difference....
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Tuberculosis In The Philippines

The Philippines is a third-world country and presently developing. The population of the country, according to the World Bank (2018) data reported 106.65 million, with a population increased annually by 1.4% in 2018. Therefore, the increase in human population set the pressure on the country’s sustainability concerning agricultural, food, water, health and social services. Nevertheless,...
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Global Migration In The Philippines

Migration is a means to go from one position to another in order to exist and act. But nowadays, many people in the Philippines decide to migrate in another country to have a better life. Migration is deeply implanted within the social, economic, and cultural climate of the Philippines. As one of the major origin...
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