Essays on Philosophical Theory

Truth about Relativism and Death Penalty: Analytical Essay

The construct of relativism portrays that every single opinion and belief being made should be taken into account as much as the next. Meaning that everyone should be entitled to their own value, where they get to choose if a certain topic is right or wrong. And that with global ethical issues, it should really...
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Law And Social Justice Essay

The issues of colonialism and imperialism are not new to international law but have appeared with varying degrees of prominence in legal discussions and practices related to the development of this area of the law over many years. International law has continued to facilitate global inequality in recent years for this reason. There are many...

Natural Law: Analysis Of Scientific Laws And Theories

When one observes a specific observation in the world, this can be boiled down to a scientific law. These scientific laws do not supply explanations for why these phenomena happens or why it even occurs in our world, they just state the event that is, in fact, occurring. For instance, Newton’s Law of Universal Gravity...
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The Morality And Origin Of Law: Natural Law

This essay aims to explore the involvement of morality within various legal systems throughout history in order to assess an understanding of the components of law. It explores conflicting ideas such as legal positivism and natural law; assessing how relevant morality is to the individual concept of these ideas. Moreover, it also aims to evaluate...
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Collectivism Is A Better Approach To Tackle Social Inequality Compared To Individualism

Currently, in the UK parliament, there are two main types of parties – individualist and collectivist. Collectivist parties are those described as ‘left-wing’ or ‘liberal’, such as the Green Party or SNP, who hold the belief the Government should assist those tackling social inequality through funding and delivering services. Individualist parties are those often described...
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Plato's Moral Philosophies As Reflected In The Fable Of Atlantis

In the following report, I am going to explore the moral philosophies put forward by Plato throughout his work with a particular emphasis on his dialogue‘s of Critias and Timaeus, where he mentions the fable of Atlantis. I hope to give a new insight into the modern applications and examples of his philosophies and give...
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Relativism And The Questions Of Morality

Relativism is the philosophical belief that morality throughout cultures is unique and ethical to that certain culture. When topics such as: rape, torture or cannibalism are discussed in a forgiving light, conversations about whether relativism is ethical begins to be brought up. Relativists argue that each society has different moral codes and therefore, a global...
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