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The Connection Between Music And Words In The Songs Of Robert Schumann

This essay will demonstrate the connection between music and words in the songs of Robert Schumann. I will be referring to two of his songs; ‘Widmung’ and ‘Ich grolle nicht’ and will discuss whether a relationship exists between the lyrics and the music. Schumann (1810-1856) had been regarded as a brilliant pianist who was predicted...
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Innovations In Rhythm In Steve Reich’s Piano Phase And Philip Glass’ Opening

Composers have been and are always experimenting with new elements and techniques to incorporate in their compositions, and a wide array of colours, tone, and feelings are realised through them. In the second half of the 20th century, genres and ‘movements’ of music such as ‘minimalism’, ‘postmodernism’, and ‘New Complexity’ have become increasingly popular, and...
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The Music Of Spain: Influence Of The Guitar And The Piano On Spanish Music

Throughout the centuries, music has been composed and performed in Spain. During the ‘Siglo de Oro’ (Golden age) of 1500-1700, the vihuela (a predecessor to the guitar) began to take a larger role in the music of the time. From then on, the guitar, and its earlier forms had an integral role in the music-making...
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Personal Statement: My Experience In Piano Playing

The idea to study in the UK began when I was ten years old and attended English private school when lived abroad for a year. I have never had such a joy of attending school before and I absolutely fell in love with the friendly atmosphere as well as the culture and the language. So...
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