Essays on Piracy

Future Impact Of Data Piracy

Old vs new data piracy: There are 2 major components of data piracy. Copying or stealing the data unethically Selling or distributing the pirated data. Due to growth of technology data piracy has become more and more common and easier to take place all over the world. We can explain this with some examples. •...
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Filmography Piracy: Essence And Punishment

What is it? The piracy of filmography is the act of downloading and distributing films which you do not have the right for, such us films illegally recorded and downloaded. Using torrents or other illegal ways of getting film is strickĺy prohibited in all states of the world and is punished by large fines and...
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Copyright, Digital Piracy And Cyber Lockers

Abstract: This is summarizes & updates survey on digital piracy. As my work gets prepared for submission. I recall the help, encouragement and inspirations received from many folks. The objective of this note is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of digital piracy. Digitization’s effect on travel agents suggests fruitful research questions, which include...
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