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If you knew the bad out comes within Plastic Surgery should it still be around? There are so many types of surgeries you can get done and may not think its harmful. The normal types of surgery people get is facelift, Breast lift, Breast reconstruction, Tummy tuck, and their Butt lift or reconstruction. These surgerys are a popular trend with famous people. Sometimes the medicine and the material affect people depending how their body reacts to it. Tv shows also promote plastic surgery. You would think that now since plastic surgery are getting bad reviews from people it would scare people that is interested from getting it.

VH1 and all the other reality television shows tends to show the before and after of the surgery. I think people get these types of surgeries because it makes people look different and that is what people want. The hype within this is through the roof; therefore they have to make more materials and probably come out with different medicine. The materials that they use may be the reason why it cost so much to get the plastic surgery. When you go into surgery why do they say people have a chance of dying. With their medicine why do people die if they know what they are doing? Are the materials not used the correct because of how people body react to it. Doctors go to school for a while and they also have to do research because you never know or just say it had to be someone to do it first to look these things up. After the surgery why are the people in more than ever pain when they put you to sleep when you get the surgery. When people do not want their body injected with those chemicals no more why is it so hard to get it removed. If they can put all those chemicals inside you it should not be a big problem and cause so much sickness. Another thing how do some of the body parts they took out to put in other places you can see them coming out. That would be such as stitches when you get surgery on anything they patch you up with stitches. After maybe a couple of weeks they fall out but why with plastic surgery it come out faster when that surgery is way worse than just regular hurting yourself.

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I wonder if plastic surgery wasn’t around or what would be a different name for it. The medicine that they use for the surgery do it just work for no pain during the surgery or even after. When you put someone to sleep before any surgery it may be a chance that they do not wake up. If they have so many doctors and they have done so many surgeries why is that even a possibility? All types of plastics have different outcomes being that some places are so much more sensitive than other places. Your body get tired after while from fighting against so much you put it through. That goes back to when they tell you about dying before the surgery. Being that plastic surgery can be harmful I think it should be only legal in so many states. This is somewhat like a drug but instead of drug it would be “chemical “ because they was sticking needles inside your body with all these types of chemicals and medicine. A couple types of side effects within plastic surgery would be “Anesthesia “, but that will tend to wear off in a couple of hours. “Pain or numbness “ you get those with home care and natural pain. “Scars”, they can become itchy and even painful. “Bleeding”, you should watch for internal bleeding after surgery. Even though you may see pictures and people look different after these types of plastics you should still think about the health part.

When you broke something on your body that would be considered as cosmetic repairs. “The specialty of Plastic Surgery as we know it today really began to develop after World War 1”, with the war you have to fight or go through things that are more tragic than just fighting and if you make it through you’re going to need those types of injections and chemicals in your body to get back to usual but not as normal as it was first . With butt surgery, people may say it make them walk funny or even feel funny. The fat that they are taking from other places is that too much and it’s causing health problems and some people want all of these things out of them.

“Singer K.Michelle said she’s had 4 surgeries to remove ‘black market ‘ butt injections that left her ‘very disfigured’, this one famous person who had a huge butt made them feel different. “ The injections had spread down her legs and damaged her tissue “ this would be one of the health issue and chemicals that the doctors used to cause this problem. She had four surgeries just to get the injections out of her body. Her speaking out to the public she said “1 of the worst decisions of my life “. The injectable silicone can cause pain, infections, scarring, permanent disfigurement, blood vessels blockages, stroke, and even death and that goes back to putting people sleep before the surgery and they not making it out.

The amount of money that people spend on plastic surgery is about the same amount of some people rent. I think some people go away to far within paying. If you have to do a payment plans then it is not meant to be. These many procedures cost tens of thousands of dollars. When you go through the process the price tends to go up. People can pay through their jobs depending on where they work. It is easy for famous people because they do not have to depend on regular people benefits.

In 2017 the plastic surgery was a trend. “Breast augmentation continues to be the top cosmetic surgical procedure and had been since 2006”, and this a 2017 report so now it’s 2019. I feel as now it is more men getting surgery because they want their sex changed. Within women they would prefer bigger butts. Nose and everything else. Small people to me how more problems when they get injections because of that weight. Transgender are now a trend as well. Men are slick getting more and more plastic and I think it is not fair or even good for them. The men may be in more pain than women because it is new to doctors that men are getting this so they have to try and do things that is out of the ordinary.

The medicine the chemicals the money and the time is a lot on doctors. If some doctors are just getting out of college I do not think they should plastic surgery. They are new to this and nervous so therefore they can not take all this in at one time. The timing during the surgery be on the internet and I think when people are under pressure they can tend to fold. Do the chemicals that they use can work for other than just plastic surgery. I think it should be just different kind of medicine like for only butt surgery, facelift , and others that fall in that same place. The money I think it should to go other things rather than just paying for this high stuff that can have a chance of killing you so it should go to things like cancer people go these go fund me that is around for the real sick people.

Dr.Miami is one of the hottest places that now everyone is trying to get to him. His prices are very high and they I do not agree with them even suggesting the payment plans. I think that since this place is in Miami that is the hype because of how it look the trees and all. According to the article “The Dr.Miami Effect”, He wrote a children’s book about plastic surgery called “My Beautiful Mommy “ and ended up on the Today show in 2008, which means he wanted this cause to get everybody attention even kids. Dr. Miami is so popular and that his business is very well known throughout social media he is now booked for next 2 years. “ Dr. Miami profile on the site increased by 150% when comparing the first quarter of 2016 to the first quarter 2015 “, as the result going back to the cost of it me personally I do not think are caring about the price because the percentage is going up by each year.

The tv shows the famous people that promote these types of surgeries has brought it a light in today’s society. When you watch these shows they show step by step and some people will sit in front of the television and watch it because they are just amazed by it. The famous within the plastic they already have a fan base and they do have fans that will get some just because they see the famous person get it all based off the hype and it is trending so much. The males that is now getting it they are bringing more light to this also because it is men out in this world that like being girls and this surgery or any type of plastic is an easy get to. “Amiyah Scott is an American model and actress best known as the first transgender woman to tape for the Real Housewives of Atlanta”, this person is a prime person who went well through the plastic surgery and look like a full woman and you would not know it was ever a boy.”Amiyah boasts over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account and over 195,000 Twitter followers. She is considered an inspiration and motivation to many transgender people. Scott is committed to being a voice for the LGBT community and looks up to fellow transgender actress Laverne Cox”, so this means plastic do have a good cause even if it is a male or female because it is not always about the price because we see Aniyah Scott inspired people within the painful, huge financial cost surgery.



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