Essays on Plate Tectonics

The Theory Of Plate Tectonics: Alfred Wegener And Harry Hess

Considerable speculation surrounded Alfred Wegener’s Plate Tectonic Theory that was first published in 1915. Critics argue that Wegener did not obtain resolute evidence to support his ideas. Even though Wegener’s theory was later discredited, his proposal was a stepping stone for others in the scientific community to explore and build on plate tectonics and continental...
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The Origins Of Modern Style Plate Tectonics

Evidence from the Rock Record Archean Crust and TTGs Modern continental crust typically forms as a result of hydration melting within subduction zone environments, triggering melt formation. This melt then rises and forms a volcanic arc, usually resulting in calc-alkaline volcanos and plutons (Rollinson, 2007); however, this was not always the case. During the Archean,...
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