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The Poem Disabled By Wilfred Owen

The poem “Disabled”, written by Wilfred Owen, is about a man’s life before and after the war. This poem illustrates an underage boy applying to go to war by lying about his age because he thought that he wouldn’t have a hard time. This shows how persuasive propaganda was to people, it made people believe...
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Analysis Of The Poem To My Brother By Siegfried Sassoon

There are usually several meanings to a poem or piece of artwork that represents the true meaning of the artist and this is a part of what makes the expression useful or purposeful to those who come across the art at some point and the same is the case with simple poems as well as...
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The Effect Of Anger And Frustration In Neruda’s Walking Around Poem

Neruda’s “Walking Around” presents the speakers’ detestable view on society, through the image of a common man on a walk. As the speaker travels Neruda cleverly displays a hateful depiction of society by projecting common day activities as prevalent issues during this time. The speaker himself is disgusted by the human race and the actions...
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