Essays on Political Systems

Patriotism Versus Nationalism: Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism

Indian Political Thought Assignment Question Why did Tagore criticized nationalism? And in the context of Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism would there be any difference in Patriotism and Nationalism. Answer: The multifaceted genius of Tagore ended the last day of the 19th century by writing down the poem The Sunset of the Century – The notion...
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Theory of Marxism Versus Capitalism: Comparative Essay

Marxism give us two critical and classical approach to understanding international relations. The critical approach in the sense that always got to inquire about the conventional policy determined methodologies to IR theory and classical approach as the logical and sociological traditions of its name holder the philosopher Karl Marx( 1818- 1883). In fact Marxism is...
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Islamic Economic System: Socioeconomics (Marxism) Versus Economic System On Ownership (Capitalism)

Introduction: Islamic economics is a term used to refer to Islamic commercial jurisprudence and also to the philosophy of economics based on the teachings of Islam that takes a middle ground between the systems of Socioeconomics (Marxism) and economic system on ownership (Capitalism). “Islamic jurisprudence has conventionally dealt with determining what is required, prohibited, encouraged,...

Politics Of Canada: Liberals and Conservatives

Canada is a democratic state where elections are held justly. Each vote carries equal weight. However, a vote is registered according to a riding. A party that obtains more votes overall does not necessarily mean it becomes the governing party of Canada. Also, Canada is a highly prolific decentralized federation. Each province has its legislation...

A Camping Trip In Why Not Socialism By G.A. Cohen

After reading Why Not Socialism by G.A. Cohen I’ve concluded that I respectfully disagree with his stance that Socialism is a better way to manage an economy than capitalism. Even though socialism sounds good on paper, I have found through readings and history that it doesn’t work well in the real-world. Cohen has the premise...
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