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Patriotism Versus Nationalism: Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism

Indian Political Thought Assignment Question Why did Tagore criticized nationalism? And in the context of Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism would there be any difference in Patriotism and Nationalism. Answer: The multifaceted genius of Tagore ended the last day of the 19th century by writing down the poem The Sunset of the Century – The notion...
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Surveillance and Censorship: Annotated Bibliography

Problem Statement:- “The law only has sledgehammers, when what we need are parking tickets and spending tickets.”- Mitch Kapor, the cyberpunk Nowadays, the internet has been gaining its popularity at an amazing rate. The internet has become an important communicative tool, which brings significant convenience and efficiency for people. However, the internet also has severe...

Martin Luther King Versus Abraham Lincoln: Comparative Essay

Throughout life, we have attempted to speculate on knowing the truth of whether America is a substantial nation or if it’s a nation made up of a pattern of different political ideas. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln were two similar speakers who wanted to reach a goal to help their society and make a...
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Theory of Marxism Versus Capitalism: Comparative Essay

Marxism give us two critical and classical approach to understanding international relations. The critical approach in the sense that always got to inquire about the conventional policy determined methodologies to IR theory and classical approach as the logical and sociological traditions of its name holder the philosopher Karl Marx( 1818- 1883). In fact Marxism is...
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Critical Analysis of Donald Trump's Political Strategies

Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Agreement could be explained through the content of decision -maker beliefs and the operational codes of leaders. The beliefs systems of the decision makers have an impact how they perceive the world and it also affects what choices they take (Beach, 2012: 105). Operational codes research is useful essence to...
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