Essays on Polygamy

Polygamy Isn’t The Main Problem

What is your sentiment toward the polygamous family? what do you speculate toward the kids that lived in a polygamous family and women that are been in a polygamous family? polygamy is commonly defined as a martial system in which one man is married concurrently to more than one woman. Nowadays, polygamy is expanding its...
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Polygamy In Modern Age

Introduction Polygamous marriage is always a sensitive topic that is often being portrayed as an outdated practice and should be abolished as the world progresses. The numerous cases of unsuccessful polygamous marriage, such as abusive and controlling partner has painted a negative image on polygamy. Due to this misconception, movements have been created to go...
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The Stigma Of Polygamy

 In today’s society, social status can be interpreted by the income you earn that translates to the materialistic items that represent your status. In the Heian period, a large majority of the people, specifically women, are not in the same social status as women in the Japanese literature texts. In Japanese literature, aristocracy is mentioned...
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