Essays on Pop Art

The Influence Of Pop Art And Pop Colours In Architecture

‘Architecture that is popular with people is usually termed as pop architecture’ (‘Encyclopedia. Com, 2019’). Pop art as a movement started in the 1950’s post World War II and took nearly twenty years to become a part of mainstream architecture . This essay intends to talk about buildings that fall under the category of pop...
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Andy Warhol: The Pioneer Of Pop Art

Everyone’s heard of Andy Warhol, famous for pioneering the 1960’s movement of pop art and his commercialisation of everyday objects and celebrities. Following WW2, Warhol captured the mass production and consumer culture boom through his art. Most notably, his Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962) piece which summarises these ideas. Warhol painted thirty-two canvases of Campbell’s soup...
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Alex Katz: The Evolution Of Artistic Style

Alex Katz is an American artist specializing in simplified portraits and landscapes, also known for his large-scale paintings on a monochrome background. Katz’s artistic career began in New York in the 1950s, at the time when Abstract Expressionism was the most vigorous. He responded to the abstract style of the dominant trend at the time...
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Pop Art: Principles, Evolution, Key Artworks

Pop art was one of the most important art movements in history. The art movement was believed to project optimism during the post-war periods. It was a movement that connected fine art with masses such as mass-production, mass-media, and mass-culture and included imagery that society would be able to recognize and also imagery that can...
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Ukraine: Architecture, Fine Arts And Pop Culture

Ukraine’s culture is made up of a vast amount of material and spiritual values that have forged the country over the years. To understand Ukrainian culture you must first understand a little bit about the country as well as some of the history. Ukraine was not officially independent as a country again until 1991 when...
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Reflection on Julian Opie's Works in Pop Art: Opinion Essay

Pop art is art based on modern popular culture in the mass media. It has a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values. Pop art is very vibrant and uses a lot of expressions. Many big names were a part of the pop art movement like Keith Haring, Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol...
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