Essays on Pregnancy

Issues Of Teen Pregnancy

Introduction Turning into a parent can be a difficult circumstance in any event, for the most arranged. Be that as it may, for a youngster, it tends to be the greatest test of youthful pre-adult life. Teen pregnancy doesn’t just influence the youngsters and the infant, it additionally influences everybody around them, including their family...

Case Study: Ectopic Pregnancy

Introduction Ectopic pregnancy (EP) is defined as the implantation of a conceptus outside of the uterine endometrium (1). Major risk factors include history of pelvic inflammatory disease, tubal ligation and smoking as well as other factors age and intrauterine device usage (2). In New South Wales (NSW) the incidence of EP was found to be...
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Black Mothers Pregnancy

Racial disparities exist in relation to maternal mortality rates (MMR) amongst BAME (black and minority ethnic women). Chakhtoura et al. (2019) stated that a consistent finding is black women in the US being more likely to die during pregnancy, despite income and education levels being controlled. Research points toward poor quality of antenatal care (on...
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