Principles Of Sustainability And Triple Bottom Line

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The urge for the survival of mankind has caused the earth to lose its perfect way of survival and pushing our planet into the brink of extinction. We must co-exist with nature so as to lengthen the lifetime of both nature and humans. Sustainability may be defined as the capability to sustain life on the planet. A sustainable world cannot be achieved by only safeguarding the environment we should also take care of the social and economic situations which are interlinked.

The major problems like lack of clean drinking water, food, climate change, unemployment and crashing economies are due to the unsuccessful sustainability of the countries which are facing it. Sustainability can be usually maintained with balance in three parts that is social economic and environmental which are running the world. On a global basis the United Nations Global Development Organisation takes care of sustainable development. Coming to economic growth World Trade Organisation plays a major role in maintaining the economic stability in the world and United Nations Economic and Social Council looks after the social growth of the third world nations.

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As the most powerful animal on the planet, we have the credibility to preserve or destroy the nature around us. Our activities influence the climatic changes and control even the most powerful flows in the world by constructing concrete dams besides that we also have the power to save the planet from going extinct by leading a sustainable life.

We can live more sustainably by protecting our natural resources, using of renewable resources, repairing the damage done by our predecessors, making ties with one another to fight with environmental problems. As we say every lock has a key environmental problem too have a solution, they are not so complex smaller changes in our lives can show a lot of differences in the health of the nature around us.

The industrial revolution and development of machinery brought an immense requirement of natural resources and manpower. In order to develop their countries, they mined the resources which caused irreversible damage to the environment.

The first time the term triple bottom line was used by John Elkington in the 1990s to describe the social economic and environmental value in the field of construction the triple bottom line shows the need of meeting the requirements of the present generations and give opportunities for the future generations.

The purpose of economic development is to improve well-being and the concept of life by creating employment and per capita income, this would help humans o get better economic stability in life so as to get a good knowledge of what sustainability is. Economic development with sustainability succeeds when you do not compromise the security of the environmental sustainability and even the needs of the people are satisfied.

Social development is most importantly about providing and growing awareness about rights. the developed countries have strict laws about maintaining quality in the social life of the citizens of their countries. It is also about maintaining access to basic resources without compromising the quality of life.

We all need to protect our environment, whether that is recycling, reducing and reusing our resources and they are many environmental resources like the ozone layer which has been destroyed during the industrial revolution which has been destroyed due to CFC gases from refrigerating devices like refrigerators and cold storage warehouses which was eventually banned in the global environmental treaty, Montreal protocol but they couldn’t find a solution for the renewal of the depleted ozone layer till now and most of the countries see money and labour as high-value resources and natural resources are infinite. Businesses should apply initiatives to promote a greater environment

Sustainability is very important for the survival of the earth. If we do not pay attention to our usage of resources in this decade the next generation would be seeing the end of the world


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