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An advertisement is essential to every business that needs to succeed in the heavily dominated market operating under a competitive niche. Business success means that the organization has operational growth and customer retention. The benefit that comes with an advertisement is the increase of sales and profitability of the company. With customers being the backbone of any business, there is always the need to look for ways on how to win as many customers as possible, with the aim of retaining them or getting a referral from the existing clients.

The art of advertising is one way of pooling clients into your business. As a marketing strategy, an advertisement has to contain hooking words and desirable features that would make readers have their eyes fixed into that particular advert. Including words that have the ability to convince any person who stumbles onto the advert to inquire about the product or to buy always play the role of making sales for the organization with minimal efforts. Desirable features accompanied by thrilling pictures of the product move the intentions of the readers/audience to the next level.

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There are various ways of advertising a product or service with one way being via print media. This is a marketing strategy through magazines that a business uses to reach its target audience. It is the norm of each business to make its products viable and available in the market through making the public know their existence. Printed media allows for mass communication thus drawing a large number of clients in an economical manner. Motortrend magazine is one of the ways through which companies in the automotive industry strategically stage their products in an innovative and appealing manner.

Motortrend advertisements contain various elements of advertisement that calls for attention from every reader of the magazine. The marketer innovatively included various elements to make the advert catch the eyes of the viewers and the readers. These elements include; placement, final layout, copy and text, and illustration and graphic elements.

Placement of the Advert

Placement ideally means the media a business uses to reach its audience. Depending on the type of the business the organization carries, a marketer should choose wisely where to classify its advert. This is because the success of such a business lies in the advertisement being carried out. The marketer of this particular print media advert strategically used Motortrend, which is an automotive magazine as a placement base. This way the marketer is likely to target clients who visit the magazine and have an interest in cars and trucks or, who may be looking for information to help with purchasing a car or truck.

Final Layout

The final layout puts all the elements of an advert together to showcase appealing and attractive features of the product, the concept of the title in the body, a call to action and the company’s logo all at first glance. The marketer used this element by creating a focal point where the pictures of the product lead the eyes of the readers down the length of the car to land on the text elements and then on to the company’s logo. The layout matches the ultimate appearance that is printed in every present detail of the product. The selection of the colors blue and red bring a sense of humor that creates an environment of love and fun that reveals the intention of the marketer.

Copy and Text

In any advert, the copy and text element should be established in such a way that clearly and concisely communicates the information to make it easily understandable. The marketer has utilized this element by clearly starting with a headline that quickly grabs the attention of the reader, sparkling interest of the product being advertised, the Honda cars, hence the message is conveyed concisely. In addition, the text is brief and exact with the company’s signature and logo included for identification of the product creator. The marketer successfully used special fonts that are readable thus complimenting the message effectively.

Illustration and Graphic Elements

An advert is meant to convince readers to buy the products and services. Illustration and graphic is an element that makes use of pictures to create product interest of the readers. The advert in the Motortrend magazine has used illustration and graphic element to catch the readers’ eyes and create interest at the same time. The logo symbol of ‘Honda’ raises the interest of the reader with its value of the model being appealing to the audience. Compilation of photography and illustration easily increases the impact of the advert.

The marketer of the advertisement is trying to achieve a specific demographic section with the advert having a target market. Ideally, marketing is meant to reach to a certain and specific market segment, age group and people with particular lifestyles being targeted. This is because each individual product is designed to fit in a specific group of people that make use of it for benefits or fulfillment. With the right audience being reached, these benefits are achieved easily. Motortrend magazine marketer is trying to achieve a target market that is dominated by young, fun adults and people with a luxurious lifestyle.

Age Group

Young adults are likely to love cars with sleek and features that stand out in the public. They aggressively search for car models that will suit their needs that range from class, fun, and uniqueness of the product. For instance, the cars in the advert are nicely photographed with desirable makes and colors that attract the attention of the audience. The message that can be derived from the text in the advert reveals the age group that is being targeted, young adults. The text “fun for the drive” initiates and singles out the youths to find fun in driving the cars in the advert with emphasis on all the ways Honda cars are fun to drive. The marketer also points out that the cars are innovative and equipped with “fun” features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Customers with a certain lifestyle form a market segment that can lead to the success of the advert. Marketing is an art of winning customers to the business by successfully convincing readers to buy the products and enjoy the value that comes with it. The marketer of the advert in the Motortrend magazine is trying to catch the attention of the readers with a luxury lifestyle. The product in the advert tries to portray features that are attached to luxury with the texts categorically targeting people who like touring and traveling just for fun. For instance, the text “Drive for fun” creates the mood of traveling for fun, thus creating an environment that tends to attract a group of people whose driving that particular car will just be for fun. People that have that ability to just drive for fun generally have disposable income and can afford to travel.


An advertisement is a tool used to make a product or services being offered by a company known. The success of a business is attached to the form of advertisement and how well it communicates to the targeted audience and creates a positive impact. Printed media is one method of advertisement that is used for products with a particular guise that connects the intention of the marketer to the pictures that are complimented by appealing texts. Marketing is one way of surviving in a competitive industry. Strategic and innovative advertisement keeps the business afloat with a competitive advantage. Advertisement elements have to be selected in such a manner that helps the marketer to make distinct achievements.


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