Problem Of Obesity In Super Size Me: Critical Analysis

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“Supersize me” is a documentary and health experiment that brings light to one of the major modern issues in the society being obesity and its relationship to fast food chains. Throughout this experiment, Morgan the writer and director, wanted to design this film to show what it is like to only eat fast food for a 30 days month while mimicking the lifestyle of an average American. There are some rules to which he must comply; 1-Only super-size if asked, 2-can only eat food from McDonalds sale products ex. Water, 3- must have to eat everything on the menu at least once (30 days), and finally 4-must eat 3 meals a day at McDonalds. All this under the supervision of three certified doctors a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist and a general practitioner among with the help of a registered dietician and an exercise physiologist.

For this research Morgan was mainly triggered by the increasing number of obesity cases around the United States; it doubled in teens and children and on a more critical level it is linked to about 20 health diseases. It was recorded that Mississippi is the state with the most obese people every 1 in 4 people are obese; Texas comes in second position, then Illinois. There are various factors to this phenomenon contributing to it, more than 60% of American get no form of exercise, most have high dependency of their cars and rely on technology instead of having daily walks. Another cause for this project is how there are more McDonalds than any other fast food combines in New York city.

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By this increase in obesity, people have started to sue these fast food companies. This seem ridiculous but on one hand it could be fair as McDonald’s invest billions of dollars for the advertisement company, for toys, songs, commercials, birthday parties and more. On the other hand, it isn’t logical as every human has the free will to accept a diet that is beneficial for them.

Before starting the experiment, Morgan checked with the health professionals and they affirmed he was in a good physical and mental state with a total weigh of 185 pounds. As the experiment went on, the first changes began to show such as stomach-ache, vomiting, headaches. On a clinical level vitamin level dropped by 50% but carbohydrates increased, along with gaining 5% of his body mass, increase intake calories per day from 2500 to 5000 Kcal/ day.

Subsequently some emotional changes such as depression, fatigue, headaches then further complications such as chest pain, difficulty breathing and sexual issues and dysfunctions. In addition to this, he started to show signs of addiction by wanting more and more each time and feeling happier when eating, but depressed when not eating. According to the film, McDonalds consumers are classified in two categories, heavy users are those that consume at least once a weak and makes up 72% of customers and super heavy users (3-4-5 times/week) makes up 22% of customers.

As Morgan was devouring meal after meal the blood analysis and check-up tests were showing up destructive. Results were defined by the doctors who assisted him as outrageous. In 30 days, he gained 24,5 pounds, increase levels of cholesterol of 230, inflammation of the liver due to increase in cholesterol and liver enzyme, increase of body fat from 11% to 18%, he also doubled the risk of coronary disease and double the risk of a heart failure. On an emotional aspect he felt depressed, and fatigued with increase in mood swings and sexual dysfunction. Doctors advised him to stop this insanity because his liver was getting worst if he would go back to a healthy lifestyle he could heal, nonetheless he continued until day 30.

With this 30-day journey we have witnessed that McDonalds and junk food in general are detrimental to one’s physical and mental health. With the Mcdiet Morgan’s health was affected very negatively as seen earlier in the consequences. McDonald’s food offers very little to absent option with low calories or sugar free meals. However, after this experiment McDonalds have upgraded their menu with little change which involves: no more super-size, they include new options but the caloric portions are still too unproportioned and their menu remain very unhealthy. In conclusion, according to 100 Registered Dieticians most advise to preferably eat junk food rarely or never.

On a personal note, this movie hasn’t changed my views on fast food chains. Ever since I was younger my parents have always educated us about the crucial aspect of having balanced diets. It has helped my brothers and I to be self-aware of the issues it could bring to our health and the benefit of eating healthy. We would have Saturday pizza night and go occasionally eat at McDonalds but quite rarely, however during the week it was mainly vegetables, meats and soups with fruits or yogurts as deserts.


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