Problem Of Siblings In Montana 1948

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So everyone knows siblings are usually different but some carry some similar traits, they usually have the same outline for personality but different opinions or actions depending on early childhood. In the novel, we read I have noticed some subtle and not so subtle differences between Wesley’s behavior or opinion and Franks. Let me introduce these characters, Wesley a sweet, caring husband who we learn is a sheriff of this town and a father to David the narrator. Frank on the other hand is a husband to Gloria, town doctor and we learn that he ends up having sexual relations with Marie. David also explains some traits that he sees with his father and his grandfather and how Frank seems different, each character with differing opinions or preferences but all related.

Before I get into how these brothers differ I’ll explain who they are to me and who they are to David. First I’ll explain Wesley a strange character with a very conflicting life, first big conflict he has the decision to pick where his career goes after college. So he picks to ditch law school and don’t become a lawyer so he can continue following his father and grandfather in becoming the sheriff of the local town. But the strangest thing about him is he wears a suit, tie, brogan and fedora to work everyday and leaves his gun at home in a drawer and hides his badge. Later he has another major confliction, telling his family the truth and turning his brother in or chose his family and disregard the law.

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A little further down the line we have Frank the brother of Wesley and halfway through the story husband to Gloria. One thing Frank did do good is he followed his own path and became a doctor. David says he was disappointed in his father more than Frank because David’s father didn’t follow his dream of becoming a lawyer but Frank followed his dreams. Later in the story we hear of Marie Little Soldier accusing Wesley of sexually assaulting her when she needed help because she was sick. What’s weird about this is Frank doesn’t like Indian people but he prefers “red meat” which makes sense because David’s grandfather says that Frank was caught by the reserve with Indian girls when he was David’s age.

The only similarity between these two brothers is David thought they were both cool older male figures but as he grew older he noticed they weren’t similar and they weren’t the men he thought they were. Frank had completely changed in David’s mind because of what happened to Marie and most likely other Indian girls. Because of the conflicting actions between the brothers and their decisions Frank ends up choosing suicide over the consequences of family and imprisonment so he cut his wrists and dies, and the only people who know are David’s parents. David’s Father knowing the whole time about his brothers death now has to deal with the thought of know what really happened so he decides to leave. By leave I mean literally moving away so him David and Gail all decide to move to Fargo North Dakota where David’s dad worked at a law firm, David later moving to Rochester Minnesota to become a teacher and continuing his life there.

So to sum up siblings may we a little similar but not the same and the Hayden family definitely has some mixed up and different opinions. All of this showed David who people truly are and how they change when you know them. Also, it shows how different Wesley and Frank are to each other one, a Daddy’s boy who constantly has the hardest decisions to make and the creepy Indian loving doctor who constantly does something wrong during the book. Just to wrap everything up Wesley and Frank are two very different characters who make very different decisions to change everything in this book. Montana 1948 shows how brothers can become two separate types of people.


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