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First of all, let me begin by introducing what cosmetic surgery is. Cosmetic surgery is a surgery done to reshape and change the presence of a body part. It might change the structure, position, shading or surface of a body part or highlight and is initiated by a person who is unsatisfied with their appearance. So, regardless of complication cosmetic surgery is worth a risk. For many patients, cosmetic surgery can prompt to an expansion in self-esteem and confidence. They may feel more relax and agreeable on their appearance. In toady’s reality everybody has a oppourtinity to express and if someone feel that their body does not reflect who they are as a person, they have total right to change it.

There is also a matter of money in this surgery. Wealthy people need to spend their money somehow. If people have money, they wish to spend it. They are having their surgeries and they own it. Those surgeries would pay for other working staffs in a unit like receptionists, cleaners, and operators. Moreover, cosmetic surgeries are not done as per person willingness only. Some cases can be of severe accidents as well. We have heard about so many cases where the accident leads to severe damage of the body parts. We cannot imagine of having the same damaged appearance for our entire life and here the cosmetic surgery is perform to make them feel less vulnerable. Our world is image obsessed world. We are judged by our appearance and is perfectly fair to look good. Let’s say the market is driven by a demand. Everyone wants to look perfect and judged on the good terms. Cosmetic surgery being on a high demand certainly have some elements of danger. But, why shouldn’t we let people undertake dangers in the pursuit of beauty and higher self-esteem. We do some real-life adventures like bungee jump, skydiving, rafting and many others which can be life threating as well. My point here is, why not to go for an adventure that can make you feel better and be so confident on your own skin? On top of that, cosmetic surgery is becoming safer and safer. It is increasingly strict and has high legal pay-outs for bad surgeons. There are strict conditions of having the proper qualifications and experience to work in this field or heavy penalties are on their way.

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There are some arguments on cosmetic surgery that is never ending process. Well, there are vast majority of people who have cosmetic surgery have once and never look back. They’re made more happier and more secure in themselves.

Finally, what I want to say is, there are plenty of people who are not satisfied with their body and have many physical and mental problems with that. It’s our body and we have a total right to modify it whatever we want to so why to be depressed if you can change it. If this will boost one’s confident and comfortable why not go for it? This society is so judgmental and judge us anyway. God gave mankind the knowledge for such tools, so why not use them?


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