Protect Ocean: Poor Management Of Marine Culture

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The sea is like a poem, jumping in a smart way; like a painting, rich in meaning; like a symphony, vastness… It is sometimes calm, like a mirror; sometimes it is violent, it is full of arrogance, it can overturn the sailing boat. In my mind, the sea is a blue world and a cradle of life. There are millions of animals in the sea, living free lives. The sea is so mysterious, so charming! However, in recent years, seawater has been polluted, marine habitats have been damaged, and the entire ecosystem has been damaged. As a member of the planet, we should take responsibility for protecting the ocean.

China is a Marine country with the largest amount of plastic, and China ranks first in the world in terms of the amount of Marine plastic imported. About 333,000 tons of plastic waste, 23.71 per cent of the world’s total, flowed into the sea along the Yangtze river, according to a new report by nature communications. Look at this horrible statistic and imagine how many sea creatures are eating inedible plastic that humans throw away every day, how many sea creatures are dying because they can’t eat properly, and how many sea elves are trapped in plastic nets or bottles all their lives. In order to protect our ocean, protect these lovely sea elves, please do not pollute the ocean.

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The ocean is a huge wealth. Together with the land, it forms a life-filled azure planet. It breeds life and contains unlimited energy. The endless ocean, each for the ocean reef, every kind of marine life, sometimes the tide of the rapids, and sometimes the calm sea breeze, pleasant and comfortable. The ocean provides resources and places for the survival and development of human beings and many living things. The rich marine life balances the marine ecology and provides abundant food and medical resources for human beings. As a cornucopia of mineral resources, the ocean provides abundant mineral resources for the development of human society. The exploitation of resources such as submarine oil and natural gas will inject great energy and power into social development. Most importantly, he also provides us with the most indispensable water resources. But the ocean is now at stake, and the marine ecosystem has been destroyed. Harmful substances enter the marine environment, and are over-contaminated, polluting biological resources, endangering human health, hindering fishing and human activities, other activities at sea, destroying seawater quality and environmental quality, etc. At present, oil pollution, red tides and toxic substances are environmentally harmful. of. Products, plastic pollution and nuclear pollution.

In recent years, fisheries have been overfished, leading to degradation of marine ecosystems. In 2010, 88% of the EU’s waters were overfished and 30% of aquatic resources could not be recovered. This brings about the degradation of the marine ecosystem, and the degradation brings about the extinction. Imagine that the ocean that dried up in the last few years has not become blue because there is no life, and people can no longer taste the delicious fish. I also can’t smell the fragrance of the beach. The chief culprit of all this is our humanity, for our next generation, for our children and grandchildren, we must work hard to protect the ocean.

Poor management of mariculture in some areas has polluted Marine ecology, led to eutrophication and disrupted the food chain. A large number of fish also died, the stench of death from floating on the shore, let that a patch of water no longer blue. What’s more, the reclamation of beaches and land has also taken away a great deal of Marine habitat. Can you imagine that the beautiful coral we see every day is slowly disappearing? Can you imagine that those white shells you can pick up on the beach are gradually disappearing? All this is the result of ocean reclamation. There are many more examples, such as the ocean oil spill, the random emission of human gas, and the over-exploitation of tourism, all of which make the ocean more serious. The severe damage made it difficult to recover. So we must take care of our own behavior and not let our behavior make the sea suffer anymore. I believe that under the care of everyone, the marine ecosystem will become safer and healthier.

Protecting the marine environment requires not only our efforts but also the participation of the international community and the efforts of people of all nationalities in the world. I believe that as long as we work together and adhere to the protection of the marine ecosystem, the future of the planet will be better and humanity will be passed down from generation to generation.


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