Essays on Psychoanalysis

Classical Psychoanalysis

According to Freud’s theory, the id, the ego and the superego help to build up the personality of humans. Most human’s behavior is caused and influenced by the above three elements. When humans are born, they will get the id thich is a major personality component automatically. This aspect of personality is unconscious and motivated...
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Psychoanalysis Criticism

“The Tell-Tale Heart” was published in 1843. The narrative is a psychological thriller bringing the reader into the realm of the madness of the author. So, while Poe’s works show a strong interest in empirical science, his writings often discuss the emotionally unfathomable aspects of the human experience and the universe’s mysterious elements. “The Tell-Tale...
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Psychoanalysis Theory

Introduction There are many ways to conduct therapy, in this essay I will start off by giving insight on what is Psychoanalytic theory and then critically discuss a few ways of conducting therapy which are relational psychoanalysis psychotherapy, intersubjectivity and the analytic third. I will also discuss how these concepts assist the therapist in working...
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An Examination Of How Adult Lives Are Rendered Meaningless In Le Petit Prince, Through The Lens Of Different Theories

Exploration and Evaluation An Examination of how adult lives are rendered meaningless in Le Petit Prince, Through the lens of Psychoanalytic, Binary Opposition and Affective Stylistic Theories In this world, the adults are the absurd ones, going nowhere quickly and persisting stubbornly in mindless pursuits, even when they no longer have any idea of why...
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