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Hieronimo and Othello as Freudian Characters

Introduction A Revenge Tragedy is known as a drama in which the protagonist seeks revenge for the bloody actions of the antagonist and the revelation of the murder or crime comes to the protagonist through superficial appearances such as ghosts. In the process of seeking revenge, the main character might witness insanity, murder, suicide, philosophical...
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Freud's And Mark's Views On Civilization And Roots Of Human Aggression

Philosophers have tried to decipher what the root of human aggression is and possible solutions. Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud both have discussed their theories in their works. The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx, in an attempt to outline his theories on the ideal civilization including abolishing private property and publicizing everything. In...

Psychologists: James, Munsterberg, Stanley Hall, Mckeen Cattell, Dill Scott

In the west, psychology exist when ancient Greek philosophers’ questions about the theory of mind and body. So, it happened too in the eastern continents of ancient civilizations Egypt, China and India. Psychology started as a branch of philosophy until it is developed into its independent discipline by mid-1800s, where Germany- Wilhellm Wundt and United...
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Autism Spectrum Disorder & Jean Piaget

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological developmental challenge that commences in early childhood and lasts through the later stages of a person’s life (Fuentes et al., 2014). It effects how a person acts and interacts with other people, communicates, and learns. Actual causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder remain unknown, but psychologists have attempted to link...
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Erikson Lifespan Retrospective

The subject of the interview revolving around Erik Erikson’s Theory of Development is named Aaron Hatch. He grew up on a farm in Clinton, Utah for most of his life and attended Brigham Young University to earn his Bachelor’s degree as a seminary teacher for the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints. He met his...
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Facial Imitation In The Sensorimotor Stage According To Piaget

Introduction Jean Piaget was a biologist and philosophist, and one of the researchers with immense influence in the area of psychological development during the 20th century. Since he was a biologist, he was mostly interested in biological influences of development and how humans evolve and grow. While he was cooperating with Binet, he noticed qualitative...
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Two Important Figures In Psychology: Wundt & Piaget

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. In this essay I am going to be identifying two important figures in psychology, for each I will be looking at both their theories and experiments to provide a full understanding of the area of psychology they studied and how effective their theories...
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“The Lady Or The Tiger” In Comparison To Sigmund Freud’s Theory

“Use your head, follow your heart, and listen to your gut”(Mullis). Social entrepreneur Brian Mullis encourages people to follow this strategy when making decisions. The brain is for thinking and making a choice,, the heart for knowing what is wanted, and the intuition knows what is right or wrong to do. The heart may want...
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School Psychologist And Disproportionality

As Bottiani, Bradshaw, Rosenberg, Hershfeldt, Pell and Debnam (2012) state, “Despite decades of national concern, the disproportionate representation of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students in special education and disciplinary actions continues to plague the U.S. educational system (Dunn, 1968; Gilbertson, Fox & Provasnik, 2007; Kewal Ramani, Waitoller, Artiles & Cheney, 2010)” (p. 93). National...
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