Essays on Psychopaths

Corporate Psychopaths And The Implication They Can Bring On The Organisation

Corporate Psychopaths and the implication they can bring on the organization. Introduction Articles Reviewed Journal Title: The dark side of management decisions: organisational psychopaths. Author: Clive Roland Boddy. Journal Title: Corporate Psychopaths, Conflict, Employees Affective Well-Being and Counterproductive Work Behaviour. Author: Clive Roland Buddy. Journal Title: Extreme managers, extreme workplaces: Capitalism, organizations and corporate psychopaths....
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Inside The Mind Of A Psychopath

I did my project on what Psychopaths do, and I was trying to find out why they did this. I chose to do this project because my brother is taking Psychology in college right now, and I want to be able to conversate with him about the topic. I recently learned that he is learning...
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Psychopaths Vs. Sociopaths

Every person behaves differently, the way they were affected by their environment or the way they think it’s best. People judge others by their behavior and often call them psychopaths or sociopaths without knowing what those two words truly mean. Psychopathy and sociopathy are both dissocial personality disorders. Psychopaths are people characterized by emotional dysfunction,...
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