Essays on Psychotherapy

Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy

Psychedelic drugs have been around for thousands years, both in the depths of the Amazon and in Western culture. The stereotype which lies around psychedelics however is extremely negative. During the 1950’s and 60’s, there was a psychedelic renaissance where everyone was experimenting and there were multiple clinical trials running, testing to see if these...
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Theories And Psychotherapy

In the class of Theories and Psychotherapy in Counseling on 27th February 2020, Madam Wan Zuat Yin as the lecturer has given us a first assignment. We are required to form a group of pair and choose one theory of counseling had covered in class. We also required to explain in details about the theory...
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Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Approaching my teenage years, I became fascinated with mind-altering substances that have profound effects on human consciousness, most of which being psychedelic substances. This fascination started when I first researched the medicinal properties of marijuana, which opened my mind to the possibility that some substances in which are demonized by the general public may provide...
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