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Food Waste In Public Schools

If one observed a cafeteria lunch in any public school, one would see an ongoing problem; food waste. Many children rely on school lunches as a form of daily nutrition, however, in most cases, lunchtime availability is too short causing children to throw away unused food. This means that they do not obtain all the...
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Level Of Burnout Among Public School Teachers

Consecutive deaths of public school teachers all over the country have given a scare to all. Different reasons as to why these deaths occur come in many ways. One and the most known among those reason is the demand of the work in the field which was also the reason as to why death in...
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Self-Censorship In The Public School Libraries

‘The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame’ by Oscar Wilde (Hielsberg, 1994). The librarian has a book and has become anxious about it because it contains sensitive material that may possibly be controversial. The librarian fears that someone may complain about it and now he...
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