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Smart Public Transport Assistance For Smart Cities

Abstract: The smart public transport assistance system will help the passengers as well as the driver of the buses by providing information about the bus in an exact manner. It will automatically register the arrival and departure time of the bus in the bus stand using the RFID technology and the database of the registry...
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The Problems In Public Bus Transportation System

This research was conducted by author in order to identify the problems faced by people in bus system in Dhaka City from passengers’ perspective and also from the transport authorities; point of view. According to the author, bus industry is too unplanned and characterized by several problems, so the passengers found it as the most...
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Problems with the Transport System In The Town Hartlepool

Introduction Hartlepool is a town of the county called Durham of England. The town lies between north Middlesbrough and south of Sunderland at distance 7 and 17 miles respectively, on the North Sea. It is governed as part of Borough of Hartlepool, a unitary authority. Hartlepool is having a beautiful coastal line which made Hartlepool...
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