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Purpose of Practicing International Theory: Analytical Essay

Robert Cox (1981) provides the essay’s incentive and foundation with the statement, ‘theory is always for someone and some purpose ’. This call to critical theory within International Relations challenges the governing constituents of, what Cox terms, ’problem-solving’ theories. These direct theorists to concentrate on and provide resolution to issues that arise amongst institutions as...
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Importance of Formal Expression of Purpose: Analytical Essay

Introduction In the current era characterised by breath-taking progress across all aspects of a business owing to the high levels of competition and dynamicity, now more than ever, organisations must explicate their purpose through their mission statement. This has become a sine qua non for an organisation to obtain a “social license to operate” (Ketchen...
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Statement of Purpose and Reasons for Studying Data Analytics and Business

I Mayur Brahmbhatt, would like to introduce myself as a tech enthusiastic person whose life is basically all about computers and programming. The evolution of technology has led to increasing innovation in data generation and storage. With the ability to generate large pools of data and subsequently deposit it into seemingly bottomless data base researches...
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