Essays on Pythagoras

Pythagoras: The Path Of Life

Just who is Pythagoras, you may ask? Well, I am Pythagoras, perhaps you can even consider me the greatest Greek philosopher and mathematician alive. I am the very founder of the Pythagorean brotherhood, a group that is devoted to the study of mathematics. I made many contributions to many different areas, including math, music, and...
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Extent To Which Maths Invented Or Discovered

To what extent is maths invented or discovered? Introduction. Maths is probably best defined by Richard Feynman as the process of looking for patterns [1]. These patterns can be numbers and shapes as well as the relationships between them and has lead scholars to consider the very nature of maths itself. Is it invented or...
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Pythagoras’ Promotion Of Vegetarianism

People have many different reasons for becoming vegetarians. There are ethical and spiritual issues as well as health concerns that motivate them to alter their eating habits. People have been abstaining from meat since ancient times, dating back to Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, and Porphyry (“World history of vegetarianism”,2010). Today, the morality...
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