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Revealing The Benefits Of Reading

Nowadays, most people are using technology products in their life and don’t read any books. Many people have losing their interest in reading, some children even find that playing video games or using their mobile phone better than reading a book. This is a shame that is because, in the past, every people need to...
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Teaching English & Literacy With Students With Learning Difficulties & Disabilities: Dyslexia As A Common Reading Disability

Rationale Reading is the ability to engage with, and gain meaning from written language. The reading process is complex. To be able to read fluently and make sense of text “requires the development of: Phonological Awareness Phonemic Awareness Alphabetic Principle Orthographic Awareness Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension” ([email protected], 2016). Students who are not able to effectively perform...
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How I Learned to Read and Write: Personal Experience

Since I first arrived in the US and I flourished my skills for the language English and I learned to read and write. The first book I read was a comic book and ever since that day I have loved comics. I have read multiple comics over the 8 years I have been learning to...
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Mice and Men: Necessity to Provide Age Restriction

Of Mice and Men was written and published during the Great Depression. It is about 2 migrant workers, George and Lennie who are suffering from the effects of the Great Depression. They are polar opposites, George is a small, smart person who shows leadership, while Lennie is a big, less intelligent person who follows George’s...
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The Importance Of Reading In Our Life

Reading is a process by which one attempts to mentally ‘reconstruct’ such a message from its printed representation. The extent to which the reconstructed message matches the one originally intended by the writer is the extent to which communication occurs. In reading new information is always learned in relation to previous knowledge. It’s important for...
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