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Have you ever wondered about attending college? Have you ever even considered the outcome of attending college? So is college worth it? College is a very unique experience. It has its benefits and its cost, it is like a double-edged sword. However, the benefits outweigh the cost of making college a worthwhile experience. Attending college provides safety, a higher employment rate, and a better opportunity for a higher income.

Attending college will increase the employment rate-making college a worthwhile experience. Document A, shows that people with a high school diploma have a 5.4% unemployment rate. Without a high school diploma, that rate is doubled. This already shows that higher education leads to a lower unemployment rate. This can be further seen in Document A. Document A, which shows that the unemployment rate with a bachelor’s degree is 2.8% and 1.7% with a doctoral degree. The unemployment rate is almost cut in half with going to college. This means that attending college increases your chances of getting a job which is a huge positive. This also means that college is worth attending because it lowers the unemployment rate.

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Going to college allows you to have a safer lifestyle. Going to college allows you to have a safer job. Document D shows that people with higher educational attainment have a longer life expectancy and are in more control of what happens in their lives. This means that people who attend college have a safer life than those who do not. Also in Document D, it shows that low education attainment has unsafe and risky jobs. This means by not attending college, you are more likely to die than those who do. Attending college also reduces the risk of being in a lower economic class. This can be seen when President Obama said that education is the surest path into the middle class in Document E. This means that attending college will prove economic safety as well. Attending college will indeed hurt your economic safety, but you can also prevent a lot of those problems making college more than worth it. This can be seen in Document H when it gives tips like setting limits and starting early to lower college debt and the financial issues attending college costs. This means that the economic benefits of attending college can beat the costs. This all means that attending college will make life so much safer than not attending making college worth it.

Now like many speculate, higher education leads to a higher paycheck. This is trust. Document A, it that the median weekly earnings of a person who has a doctoral degree are $1,623 while a high school diploma only has median weekly earnings of $678. This shows that attending college doubles a persons’ weekly earnings which makes college very worth it. Attending college brings in a huge amount of money. This can be seen in Document B. Document B, shows that the median lifetime earning of a chemical engineer is above 2.0 million dollars. This is a huge amount of money that can only be attained by going to college. This means that attending college proves a good and stable income which makes college worth it.

College is a double-edged sword. Attending college has its advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Going to college increases your employment rate, proves more security, and has a more stable and good income. This all means that college is more than worth it. Now, will you let this opportunity slip or will you take advantage of college? 


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