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If I have to answer why I am drawn to supply chain and analytics, I would say it all started when I was in my first year of undergraduate college. On not finding the course books at the college store, I went on to buy them cheaper from an e-commerce website. The overall experience intrigued me to learn more about that space.

Contemplating the learning prospects a growing industry of e-business would offer, I joined Tesco online, a UK based retailer, as a Technical Consultant after graduation. My role was to design pipelines and implement services for the order and inventory management system to enhance supply chain functions. Handling a variety of assignments provided me with functional expertise to develop optimal solutions and flag up the risks to the stakeholders. Next, I drove the implementation of new functionalities in the fulfilment system to facilitate the launch of the Tesco Rewards online store. I was awarded and promoted for this effort. I also took charge of training new associates in the team.

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To develop cross-functional skills and learn aspects of the wholesale business to build upon my supply chain knowledge, I joined a startup Telko Info Solutions, an online marketplace for IT components. I was responsible to gather requirements from the vendors and frame the development plan. I spearheaded the execution of an e-commerce website that our clients such as recyclers, dismantlers, etc. would use to procure bulk orders. Subsequently, I supervised the automation of critical test suites to reduce software development costs.

I realize that a one year MBA program is exactly what I need to move from a Technical lead to a senior management role in my discipline. I believe that the courses and electives provided at HEC Montreal will help me to gain business knowledge, sharpen my analytical skills, and develop Strategic thinking to boost my career and achieve my goals. At HEC Montreal, my classmates will be from various backgrounds and it will be an enriching experience to collaborate with them on assignments and case studies.

With an MBA under my belt, I want to work as a Senior Consultant in the supply chain arm of the organizations such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, etc, which have various manufacturing and retail clients. I want to develop into a seasoned, dependable leader in this space by overcoming new challenges of each client and providing innovative solutions to benefit its business. In the long term, I want to start my own Supply chain consultancy firm that will support Boutiques to take their business online. I will govern the strategy and direction of the company, hire talented executives and oversee various functions to provide the best services to our clients.    


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