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Importance Of Using Reference

Nowadays, we can see references in many articles. In this essay, I will list my opinions about why that we should reference them. Every authors have their intellectual property rights to the work they produced. In order to avoid plagiarism and protect their IPRs, we need to give explanation notes to the sentences or paragraphs...
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Literature Review: Summary References In Neuroscience And Biology

Reference 1 Insel, T.R., 2016. Translating Oxytocin Neuroscience to the Clinic: A National Institute of Mental Health Perspective. Biological psychiatry, 79(3), pp.153-154, viewed 23 April 2020, Biological Psychiatry database, DOI 10.10.16/j.biopsych.2015.02.002. Two examples of in-text Citation The presence of oxytocin stems in the laboratory animals such as mice, demonstrates that peptide is required and effective...
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Marketing Strategy And Consumer Behavior: The Importance Of Reference Groups In Purchase Decisions

Introduction to Reference Groups Consumers belong to several social groups such as family, school, clubs, sports teams, neighborhood, etc. and is generally used as a standard for comparison. Reference groups help individuals understand the social norms, which helps them shape their values, ideas, behavior as well as their appearance. As consumers grow older, their association...
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