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There is no tool for development more effective than empowerment of woman” – Kofi Annan. Women are a beautiful being on this earth and she don’t need a man to remind her this facts. Women being a citizen as equally as man have full and equal right as man to participate in political life. Cultural norms that defines the responsibility of man and women, woman should work inside house and man should work outside house hampers the participation of women in politics. In absence of woman voice, how can feminine side be concern, issues and needs in development be fully addressed. Guidance, training and skill development are seen as key area to allow woman to contest in election. Empowering women and girls is the key roles to society transformation.

Politic or leadership are not just for man. Woman have equal right as man to participate in any activities of a country. When Bhutan first entered into democracy world it was found that during “first democratically elected parliament of Bhutan (2008-13) had eight elected woman. In 2013 second parliamentary election it was reduced to four, with no woman elected in National council seat. The third parliamentary election saw two woman getting elected to national council and seven to the national assembly. Today, 15.3% of the Member of Parliament is woman, an increase from 8.3%in 2013. (Photo news ECB, 2018, volume 3, issue 8). This was a great achievement for small country like Bhutan to witness increase in participation of woman. When woman shares decision making power with man at higher level some countries experiences higher standard of living. Woman can represent problem in better way and solve it at better deal.

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In the era of 12th century every corner talks about gender equality. When gender equality comes into account it means empowerment of girls and women. To empower woman firstly family should know importance of woman empowerment through awareness campaign. Then only a girl will be able to boost confidence in herself. The foundation to build a confidence is determine by the family background. When woman participate in any activities it should be supported and encouraged by people especially woman should encourage woman instead of defaming, being jealous of what other doing. Due to increasing number in literacy rate, literate people have come to understand importance of woman participation in democracy. Election officer, ECB, Kidu Zangpo(2018) said that the factors behind woman not coming forward to participate in election is due to the fear of losing their secure jobs and woman place more importance towards domestic and family responsibilities.

BNEW (Bhutan Network for Empowering women) is registered civil society organization that is working on strengthening the ‘Voice’ and ‘Visibility’ of woman as agents of change in our society. Woman participation in the political process is important for strengthening democracy. To make more woman to contest in election on equal term as man, women should be provided with tannings and education. To achieve more woman participation in politic, men need to take responsibility not only in work place but also at home and let women work out. Even media plays vital role to empower and strengthen woman power. Media should portray positive image of women so that media consume creates positive image of women in their mind. As of now we usually see media portraying women weaker than a man. Empowering girl and women and lead to gender equality and creates inclusive and prosperous.

The reason only a few women make it to the position is due to the lack of trust in woman leadership and quality. Stereotype shapes the people perception about woman ability to take on the position. The power of women should be never be underestimated as she takes her responsibility very serious like when she cooks in the kitchen she makes sure that she cooks for everyone upon their preferences and makes sure nothing goes wrong. If she takes a power Political filed will be her kitchen and make sure nothing goes wrong. While it might take some more time for Bhutan to achieve gender representative parliament. And every single women participating and wining election is a motivation and example for young girls living and it is a step closer to achieve a goal of gender quality in leadership.    


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