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This movie is about a man named William wallace and he is a warrior for Scotland’s freedom. His father was a farmer and so he grow up on the farm helping his dad. He lived in the late 1200. It all starts when his wife gets raped and killed by the englishmen. William is a man with brown hair and blue eyes.

It all started with Williams’s hate for the Englishmen and he was a trained warrior by his dad. He was considered one of the best warriors ever to live. When his wife got killed he got so upset that the only thing he wanted was to kill every single english soldier. After a while it became more of a fight for Scotland’s freedom and became one of the biggest wars ever at that time. He travels from village to village to slather english soldiers and spare no mercy and he even tortured some soldiers because he was so upset. After almost more than a year he has a pretty big army of people that followed him and helped him in his fights. This whole process leads into a war that is supposed to end it all so the Englishmen sends over 300 soldiers against Wallace barely 100 men But what the Englishmen don’t expect is that he has a big plan on how to trap them by flanking them and coming from behind. and to prepare his men for the fight he gave a speech that leed “If you want to go home it’s ok but if you want to be a real Scotchman you stay and fight for your country because they may take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom”. After the war that Wallace and his men won he got sent to the king of Scotland for like a price because he was so brave and went to war against a much bigger opponent in England. William died by torture on a like stage so that everyone could see the man the killed over 100 Englishmen himself and in his final moment the executor said that he just needed to say one word and he would be free to go but instead he screams the word “FREEDOM”.

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My expectations for the movie wasn’t that hi because it’s not my type of movie, i’m more of a Fast and Furious guy but it was really good but a bit boring sometimes under some parts of the film.

I think the movie is called braveheart because he offers his life for Scotland and for so many people and now he is like the big hero of Scotland, you could almost say that he is Scotland’s messias after everything he has done.

I would recommend this film to a person that is in the age of 14 and older because they use a difficult language and it’s pretty hard to understand everything. I would recommend this film to someone that has A LOT of endurance because it’s very long and a lot of boring scenes and to someone that’s like old English mythology and stuff.

The movie was very predictable.


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