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Pop art is art based on modern popular culture in the mass media. It has a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values. Pop art is very vibrant and uses a lot of expressions. Many big names were a part of the pop art movement like Keith Haring, Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol with his delicious dessert drawings. pop art has become more popular over the years especially with graphic designs and designs on textiles. Sometimes pop art can be a tad bit difficult but other times the simplicity of it is what makes it stand out.

Julian Opie is a visual artist who is known for his simple pop art creations. Born in 1958, he became an influential figure in the British art scene during the 80s producing a series of painted metal sculptures. while making metal sculptures he also tried out different types of media and gained interest in making portraits. Opie’s style of self portraits and portraits of other people was very unique. Although it was pop art it was unlike any other pop artists his style that anyone has seen. Opie’s work was well known for being very simple. He likes using bright colors and very dark lines in black to outline facial features. most of it is work was made through digital programs on the computer.

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in 2005, Opie made a self portrait called “Julian with T-Shirt”. It features in image of him and his drawing style with his arms crossed, wearing a blue T-shirt, It features in image of him and his drawing style with his arms crossed, wearing a blue T-shirt in front of a darker blue background. Now, I do appreciate his unique style in that nobody creates art in the same category like he does. But personally I do not favor this type of style. I believe pop art should be colorful and stand out and very appealing to the eye. Opie’s work can be seen as appealing to others, I just believe that there are other pieces of art that demonstrate better composition and better artistic value.

For example Andy Warhol is an amazing pop artist that creates vibrant yet Beautiful pieces of artwork like self portraits and drawings of food. What I like about Andy Warhol’s work is that it is appealing to the eye and detailed. Unlike Warhol, Opie is very simple and uses only a few lines to outline features and two black dots he exchanges for eyes. Opie does an ad highlights or any type of shading. This does make his artwork more unique than others but in my opinion it just is not that great to look at. It makes you wonder how much thought does art really take? He makes art look simple, and minimal effort just by taking a quick look.

I do not think that Julian Opie is a terrible artist, I actually believe that he is somewhat talented. his artwork is unique and it does show people that they can also create art like his. But what I am looking for is more depth more artistic thought. well I do you like about his art is that not only is it unique but it does break the rule of what is art? What is pop art? it shows you or is that if you have your own style in your own way of thinking that you can become a successful or well-known artist in the art world.


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