Reflection on Role of My Mother in My Life: Opinion Essay

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“Whatever life throws at you, even if it hurts you, just be strong and fight through it.” There are many days in my life when I am down and not motivated to go through the day. From advice from family to the outcome of unwanted events, I have always stayed strong and did not allow any situation bring me down. An important value I hold dear to me is to always maintain my mental strength. One has to always stay strong no matter what life throws at them because, in the end, they will come out stronger than they went in.

One person from my life that has taught me about always have unbreakable mental strength is my mother. My mother is judged by the society every day for being herself. By staying strong and never letting the judgment of others overcome her, she has blossomed into the beautiful woman who inspires me every day. I look up to her for many reasons, that of which including her strength. She could have given up at any time in her hard life but instead, she chose to keep her head held high. By not letting her personal problems take over her life, she survived many situations where she was expected to give up. Against all odds, however, she remained strong and was not going to go down without a fight. I want to follow in her steps to gain intangible strength.

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A moment from my life that has taught me to stay strong is when, while during the process of moving, a mass of my belongings were stolen from my mother’s car. These belongings consisted of my tv, a pair of my shoes, and much more. This experience, in summation to horrible recent events, caused me to break down mentally. For about half an hour, I cried and prayed for everything to just go back to normal. Once again, with the encouragement of my mother, I was able to obtain positive thoughts and become thankful for all of the things I do have, not what I do not. This connects back to my belief of always staying strong because even though everything was stolen, with the comforting of my family, I was able to wipe away my tears and move forward. This moment has changed me because I learned that it is okay to mourn over situations, as long as in the end I stand up again, with a stronger mentality.

Another event from my life that has taught me to stay strong is my grandmother’s passing due to cancer. Around the time of my grandmother’s death, I was only about 3 or 4, so I did not understand the concept of her being gone forever. Although, now that I am older, I have come to terms that she is gone. When the day of her death springs upon my family and I every year, it is very saddening. For my grandmother, on this day, I choose to do things that I figure would make her proud and provide her wonderful spirit with tranquility. This connects back to my belief because every year, I choose to stay strong by making my grandmother’s spirit proud to show my love and adoration of her. My grandmother and her passing have caused me to realize that unwanted events will happen. As long as I stay strong, though, I will be able to learn and grow from it.

My belief of maintaining strength is important to me today because with many unwanted events taking place that makes me want to give up, I choose to stay strong and not let anything bring me down. Feeling empowered is an important aspect of having motivation for things as big motivation for living. With staying strong as my core belief, I can handle anything that is thrown my way by life with ease.


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