Reflection On The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Opinion Essay

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Millions of people were murdered under the reign of one man. From 1933-1945, Adolf Hitler served as chancellor of Germany and the leader of the Nazi Party. There have been numerous movies and books documenting Adolf Hitler’s time in office and all the horrible events that happened under his direction. When reading the book Night by Eliezer Wiesel you get to hear a true story about a young boy and his struggles to stay alive as a Jewish boy in the Holocaust. During the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, you hear about a story of a boy whose father was a Nazi Soldier and his friendship with a Jewish boy. When you read the book and watch the movie you get to know about how it was on both sides. You also see how Adolf Hitler controlled not just the Jews, but everyone of that time era.

When watching the movie and reading the book, you see how different it was in that time period to be Jewish or German. The Jews were treated so poorly. The book Night lets us know just that. The movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas shows you how heartless the Germans really were. The Nazi Party even had a video portraying that the Jews were treated very well. This video was shown in the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

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Eliezer in the book and Bruno in the movie had some similarities. They were both young boys having to live during the Holocaust. Even though they were looking at it from different perspectives, they were living through the same thing. They both also struggled to maintain their faith in their fathers and in themselves. Bruno was upset with his father for making him move away from his Jewish friend that was living in a concentration camp. Eliezer was upset with his father for wanting him to leave him so Eliezer could have a chance at life.

My Great Grandfather, James Robert McCord (1919-1999) was stationed in France in 1944 in the United States Army. He told my Grandmother, Jo Ann McCord, that some people did not believe that the Holocaust ever happened. He told her, “ The Holocaust was real. I witnessed the aftermath of it, and I also met some of the survivors.” One of his jobs was to help in the Mess Hall. One day my Great Grandfather was guarding some of the German prisoners in the Mess Hall. He and some of the American Soldiers stepped outside. My Great Grandfather had left his rifle inside with the Germans. All of a sudden a German came out of the Mess Hall and handed him the rifle. He told my Grandmother, that the German Soldiers were happy to be captured, because they knew that they would be fed, have warm clothes, and a warm place to stay. I wish he was still here so I could ask him more about this time in his life.

In conclusion, I think when reading the book Night and watching the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it lets you see how different Eliezer and Bruno’s lives were at that time. I thought it was good to be able to see the two different lives they lived. It was so sad to realize how people were treated during that time. Even though they both experienced different things, the common bond they shared was heartbreak and sadness.


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