Relationships And Social Media: Personal Opinion

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, and numerous others are turning into the most utilized sites on the internet today. Hundreds of millions of users, regardless of age or culture, spend hours and hours interacting on these sites. According to Digital Formation World, “on average, the world’s internet users spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day”. There are 7.7 billion individuals on this planet, 3.5 billion of us are on the internet. That simplifies that one-in-three individuals are on social media. Spending too much time on the Internet and browsing different sites for hours leads to Internet addiction, which affects the social functioning of people. This also applies to the addiction to mobile phones that distract people from their surroundings, their real worlds, and direct communication, and replaces it all with a virtual world. Social networking sites negatively affect family relationships. In addition to affecting the psychological state of the user, it will also increase the sense of loneliness, social isolation, depression, and lack of self-confidence which then leads to affecting the user’s relationship with the family.

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Inefficient use of social networks is a very big problem. It leads to addiction in both children and adults. The separation from real parent-to-parent communication, the unresolved interpersonal issues also create serious problems that can ultimately even lead to divorce between both parents.

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There are certain duties for each person in the family. But when a person spends excessive time on social media it distracts them from their responsibilities. Hence, why some parents ignore their children. For example, a kid wants to play, and spend time with their parents but instead, they are given a phone to play on, so the parents can have time for themselves. If this continues continuously, the child will stop demanding attention from the parent over time but will simply require the phone or be alone with the mobile if he/she are a teenager. Everybody knows that the actions of adults are setting an example for children. So, in that case, If the parent always uses the phone on an ongoing basis, the child will want to do the same.

Furthermore, for many couples, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a major issue in which marital problems occur due to trust issues between the couple, and some of which ended up in divorce. According to ABC News, a third of all divorce cases in 2011 included the term ‘Facebook.’ Many couples now share their relationships via social media, from their anniversaries to them breaking up. Comparing relationships also plays an enormous role. Individuals are eager to compete with others about who’s relationship is more ‘goals’ or cuter. Social media frequently shows relationships better than they actually are, which actually makes sense, as no one really wants to see what they consider a dull, unhealthy relationship.

Do I Personally Think Social Media is Running Family Relationships?

The answer will be ‘ yes’ and ‘ no.’ Personally, I don’t believe social media is there to destroy relationships. It does, however, play a significant role in influencing relationships. Many people announce everything that’s going on in their lives; whether they get a promotion at work or what’s happening to them in the heat of the moment. Relationships are mostly based on commitment, empathy, affection, trust, and fidelity. Having social media and posting every aspect of your life can cause a strain on numerous relationships. I know a close friend who recently filed for divorce because she found her husband cheating on her via social media. While she had no clue, what was going on because she didn’t have social media and she had complete trust in him. He was going behind her back on multiple dating sites pretending he was single, he also confirmed that it’s not his first time doing it. Personally, I don’t have social media anymore. Using social media made me so insecure about myself that I was the one that was affecting my relationship with my inner self and the people around me. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far to delete it. Sure, with any question you have, social media is super helpful, but it can also lead to major problems if you overshare personal information.  


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