Essays on Relativism

The Ideology Of Relativism In Plato's And Hume's Works

“The emerging field known as experimental philosophy has expanded into moral philosophy: by presenting experimental subjects with vignettes describing scenarios with moral implications, data about people’s moral intuitions are gathered and analyzed” (Yan 233-254). There are many types of philosophies, one being relativism which has evolved throughout time. This is the ideology that David Hume...
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The Controversy Of Ethical Relativism

Ethical relativism has always been a controversial issue in the history of philosophy to this day. It is a theory which there is no definition to know what’s is the right thing and what’s not, this perspective have different moral systems equal, ie, equal or no value. Ethical values are a set of beliefs that...
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Relativism And The Questions Of Morality

Relativism is the philosophical belief that morality throughout cultures is unique and ethical to that certain culture. When topics such as: rape, torture or cannibalism are discussed in a forgiving light, conversations about whether relativism is ethical begins to be brought up. Relativists argue that each society has different moral codes and therefore, a global...
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Truth about Relativism and Death Penalty: Analytical Essay

The construct of relativism portrays that every single opinion and belief being made should be taken into account as much as the next. Meaning that everyone should be entitled to their own value, where they get to choose if a certain topic is right or wrong. And that with global ethical issues, it should really...
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