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Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961: Critical Analysis

Protection Given to Women under MFLO 1961 Abstract Ayub Khan President of Pakistan promulgate the Muslim Family Law Ordinance in 1962 on recommendations of the Commission on Marriage and Family Laws. It deals with the most important unit of society, family. It is protecting the rights of women by establishing the system of registration of...
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Dissolution of Muslim Marriage: Analytical Essay

Islamically, the termination of a marriage is regarded as the most loathed of permissible acts. It is the last resort when all attempts of saving the marriage have failed, remaining married is leading to discord and enmity, and there is no hope for reconciliation even after appointing arbiters. Both parties are instructed to uphold the...
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Arguments To Prove That Shintoism Is A Religion

Can Shintoism be deemed as a religion based on comparative evidence from Shintoist and Buddhist artworks from the tenth to the thirteenth century Japan? A large contrversial question in regards to religion within Japan is if Shintoism was truly a religion or not. This debate lead to two famed historians, Toshio Kuroda and Joseph Kitagawa,...
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My Mandala: A Vast Connection Of My Inner Circle Of Life

My Mandala is different circles floating in a galaxy. My mandala is concentric, with five colorful circles encircling other circles until you get to the middle, which is a basketball, and around the circles are beautiful galaxy paint, and white splatter paint. Vibrant, hard to miss, a variety of thick stickers, a shell with a...
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Old Testament: Analysis Of Metaphors Used To Describe God

In my opinion the Old Testament give an understanding of God and man and make evident to every man how a virtuous and compassionate God deals with mankind. Many of the psalms deal with situations in life or Sitz-im-Leben and describes the emotion and needs of the psalmist. They are therefore very useful for promoting...
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The Importance Of Spirituality In Teachers

It is said that ‘the most crucial component of any programme of spiritual or religious development is the teacher’ (Watson and Thompson, 2007). Considering this quote, teachers play a pivotal role in ensuring their students develop spiritually. While it is important to acknowledge that teachers are responsible for nourishing and fostering student’s spirituality. It must...
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Reflection On Something Other Than God: Opinion Essay

Something Other Than God is a book by a woman who shares her life journey about finding God. She reveals to us different religious experiences in her life including, her childhood, marriage, the birth of her children, and other situations she find herself in. Jennifer learned about many new topics that catholicism addresses such as...
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The Bloody Miracle: South Africa’s History Of Racism And Turmoil

After watching The Bloody Miracle, I felt shocked at the extent of the violence and how near South Africa had come to having a civil war. I have been aware of the violence that came as a result of apartheid since a young age; however, I never imagined that extremity of death and hatred. The...
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