Essays on Religious Texts

Old Testament: Analysis Of Metaphors Used To Describe God

In my opinion the Old Testament give an understanding of God and man and make evident to every man how a virtuous and compassionate God deals with mankind. Many of the psalms deal with situations in life or Sitz-im-Leben and describes the emotion and needs of the psalmist. They are therefore very useful for promoting...
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New Testament Essay Survey: Study Of Feminist Perspective

New Testament Essay Survey How does a feminist perspective illuminate the biblical text? Discuss with reference to Judges 19. In this essay I will be discussing how a feminist perspective within the book of judges 19 illuminates the bible text. I will be primarily focusing on the concept of women, which I will then draw...
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My Personal Experience And Perception Of The Old Testament

The Old Testament is a base for the new structure which is the New Testament, nobody can live inside a structure of concrete but they will live inside the building that is built upon that structure! The way a see the Old Testament is that it was a preparation, a base, a structure, a temporary...
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Revelation: Hinduism Versus Christianity

Hinduism and Christianity are very different belief systems, even by the way they were each founded. Hinduism is said to be founded upon revelation and its primary source of this foundation is through writings such as the Vedas and the Upanishads. Christianity also receives many of their beliefs and foundations from writings but it is...
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Evidence Of God And His Revelation

Evidence of God Imagine yourself taking your morning walk outdoors. As you stop in your steps and admire the unusual beauty in nature, you instantly hear the birds chirping. The mighty wind echoes in your ears and you recognize the various plants around you. The maple tree sends out a whiff of the fresh scent...
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The Traditions Of Revelation In Islam

The term revelation is defined as a reality or a purpose for humanity in religion, many people believe that in the religious view may through as mystical insights, ancient events or even for some people they think that spiritual events have changed the live of some individuals. All great religions recognize the word revelation and...
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Some Of The Benefits Of Daily Bible Verses

Even though one might have pressing issues to handle in every day, there are benefits that come with getting a bible verse in every day. One has the chance to get insights as well as biblical wisdom if they choose to get a bible verses. The chance to get a verse which will also be...
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