Essays on Reproductive Health

Main Issues Concerning Abortion: Critical Analysis

The biggest question people have on abortion is usually the idea of is a fetus considered to be alive? The people who argue a fetus has no rights, are those who claim that a fetus is not alive. It is a well known scientific fact that life begins at conception. (1) In biological terms, to...
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Forms of Abortion and the Effect of Abortion on the Human Body

Abstract: Where can I legally abort and where I can’t legally abort. The effect of abortion on the human body. The proportion of abortions worldwide. My opinion on abortion. What is Abortion? Abortion, also known as interruption of pregnancy or induced abortion, intentionally ends the pregnancy, removes the embryo or causes the death of the...
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A Defense of Abortion: Analytical Essay

In Judith Jarvis Thomson outstanding essay “A Defense of Abortion” she asserts that even if a fetus is a person at conception, some abortions should be moral permissibility. At the start of her eloquent essay, Thomson acknowledges that fetus has a right to life as it is considered a person at conception. The correct lesson...
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Factors That Contribute to Sex-selection Abortion: Analytical Essay

Introduction Sex-selection abortion is choosing to abort a preborn child based solely on the child’s sex (Higgins, 2016). According to Hesketh et al ( 2011), sex ratio at birth (SRB) is defined as the number of boys born to every 100 girls, and is remarkably consistent in human populations at around 105 male births to...
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Pro Choice (Abortion): Arguments For And Against

In the current days, the number of social issues arises daily in numerous quantities. Out of the many lies abortion which is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy (English Oxford Living Dictionaries, 2018). It has been practiced since 1800’s where each community has been...
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Situation with Abortion in Albania: Analytical Essay

Abstract This research paper provides a critical review about the sensitive topic of abortion, mainly focused in the actual situation in Albania, with a view toward suggesting promising avenues for future references about improving education on this topic. It aims to make a call for attention for the consequences that this way of ending pregnancies...
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