Essays on Research Design

Research Instrument Design

Introduction Oscar Francois Limited was established by Mr. Oscar Francois and two other partners in 1967. During this period there were not many competitors in the pharmaceutical industry, so he was able to expand his business by being a distributor of veterinary medicines. He later bought a manufacturing company Intersol Limited which made aerosol products...
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Research Design: The Benefits Of Implementing Six Sigma Methodologies In Construction Industries

What are the perceived benefits of implementing six sigma methodologies in construction industries? Describe an appropriate Research Design for your research topic/question. You should try and describe it in terms of the strategies presented in lectures. If you are using quantitative data, such a property database, describe the framework that will guide how you might...
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Research Design Histories

Essay question: Deconstructivism is a design tendency that emerged as a branch of postmodernism in design. Analyse the characteristics and affects of deconstruction through TWO cultural artefacts from TWO different design fields. For example, a building and a garment. What is a cultural artefact? A Cultural artefact is a modern or an ancient object that...
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