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Oscar Francois Limited was established by Mr. Oscar Francois and two other partners in 1967. During this period there were not many competitors in the pharmaceutical industry, so he was able to expand his business by being a distributor of veterinary medicines. He later bought a manufacturing company Intersol Limited which made aerosol products and toiletries, as well as the Farberge brand, through Intersol Limited he was able to form a small distribution company to supply pharmacies in Trinidad and Tobago with prescription drugs This gave birth to some of the grass-root pharmaceuticals known to this country such as Seven Seas, Clearblue, Arm & Hammer, Haliborange. Further expansion was distribution chain in 1967 with personal care products and the Faberge Brand. Oscar Francois has expanded their marketability to both locally and internationally. Oscar Francois Limited successfully fostered a profitable relationship with each brand that cultivated benefits for both supplier, distributor and customer as to how market research can be used in this business to increase profitability and growth.

Market research is defined as a process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about a market, about a product or service to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service; research into the characteristics, spending habits, location and needs of your business’s target market, the industry as a whole, and the particular competitors you face (Entrepreneur Media, Inc. 2002). Market research can identify new market trends and aid in the launching of a new venture or even assist in reinventing an existing market. This type of research helps entrepreneurs make well-informed as well as well-calculated decisions. It can take the supposition out of innovation, and channel resources into ideas and projects that hold the most potential for profitability (Markus J., 2019). In different stages of growth within a business market research is done for different reasons.

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Market Research can be beneficial to a business by helping them to strengthen their market position. The use of market research can aid this company by gauging better prospects (i.e. Original vs substitute drugs) and understanding of the target market, thus. Reducing any financial uncertainty by staying ahead of their competitors. A small by an integral part of the business is investing in market research and testing the products, concepts, and ideas can be very effective to the success of the business.

Research Methods & Techniques

With competitors such as Ultra Pharm Marketing Company and Smith Robertson Co Ltd, market research can aid in discovering the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s critical to adopt an ‘eye’s wide open’ approach to any market research project which is why it’s often advised to work with a market research agency to ensure completely unbiased reporting. Research findings can be used to adapt and learn from your weaknesses whilst capitalizing on your new-found knowledge from competitor analysis to take advantage and forge ahead of the pack. Through proper analysis of what their market projections can be as well as economic trends a strategic plan can be done to gauge the potential customer, thus, understanding the target martket. You want to focus on the best market – which is not necessarily the largest one or the market with the highest growth – it will be the one that matches your company profile.

Market Research can be partitioned into two (2) types quantitative and subjective. Quantitative research ordinarily incorporates telephone, mail, Internet, or in-person meets. Economic specialists may do meets face to face on the off chance that they are talking with specialists, administrators, or different experts that are difficult to reach through telephone overviews. These experts for the most part have guardians like secretaries, who steadily screen their managers’ calls. Quantitative research is normally directed in enormous numbers. As such, the promoting research office conducts several overviews so they can accomplish a delegate test. A delegate test is measurably substantial one. The outcomes can be anticipated with some level of sureness over everyone.

Subjective research is normally directed before quantitative research. Subjective research is directed among littler gatherings of individuals. It is progressively exploratory in nature. The data might be utilized to limit the quantity of ideas an organization has for explicit items. There can be other research methods that can be utilized by Oscar Francois Ltd to improve consumer loyalty and addition productivity, and piece of the overall industry.

In both the pharmaceutical business and clinical establishments, entrepreneurs or delegates are lawfully committed to keep up the brands of their principals/providers. Consumer loyalty must be kept up whereby fluctuated methods in statistical surveying can be utilized.


The fundamental motivation behind utilizing a review inside this industry is to offer Oscar Francois Limited and their partners a stage to get basic data about their clients and to hold the current client base just as accomplish new clients, in doing this addition benefit and alot more extensive client base. This kind of procedure can be utilized to comprehend the need of the objective market and to know the clients’ desires and needs

Overviews should be possible in different structures, for example, phone, postal mail, web, and face to face. Client Market studies are done to catch the remarks that shoppers which may have as the two concerns and proposals for a brand(s) or item. This overview will be a blend of division, investigation, buying patterns, contender examination, and consumer loyalty.

An advanced overview is the most financially savvy technique where there is a higher online nearness which can help them viably and productively in their statistical surveying. Inside their web-based life stages and business sites, a short criticism poll can be utilized to hear client’s thoughts. This information will be perfect with every single advanced gadget just as easy to understand that will help clients to comprehend that their conclusion is significant to your business.


By running preliminaries of new and existing items where showcasing methodologies can be utilized for the improvement of special battles and market division. The objective market will be founded on various components; marking, buying patterns, web-based life and conventional promoting to get the message to the customers. With the various changes in season, trails should be possible for new items and existing items in deliberately positioned zones, for example, the medical clinics, wellbeing focuses, and transport center points. The input got will take into consideration future referrals and to comprehend the necessities of the market.

Sampling and Direct Observation

By the utilization of testing and direct perception the mind-boggling conduct can be explored and change in conduct dependent on what was given a doctor or by close to home decision, this will bring clearness and confirm the outcomes from past overviews. Through inspecting and direct perception, a propose potential answers for issues distinguished can be made and a huge comprehension and clarification of factual information can be reached. Direct perception will permit the buyer conduct to be found in the earth in which they are in, concerning cost, bundling, brand, and so on., Although this technique, can be tedious, communication sooner or later with the purchaser. This can permit inquiries to be posed according to why they settled on that decision of procurement around then permitting information to be gathered at a hands-on premise. Approval must be given by Oscar Francois Limited to do such an exploration strategy.




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