Essays on Respiratory System

Analysis Of Respiratory Tract Infections

The respiratory tract is a general term that is utilized to depict all the body parts that are associated with helping an individual to breathe; the air is inhaled into the lungs due to muscle contraction so as to give oxygen to body tissues and is exhaled afterward due to muscle relaxation to expel the...
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Respiratory System Case Study

History: A 68-year old male was admitted to the ER with dyspnea, cyanosis, and cough. The patient has a history of 300 packs per year and has been unable to quit smoking. The patient was hospitalized earlier this year with pneumonia.Physical Exam: Barrel chest, cyanotic skin, ankle edema. Dyspnea is apparent. Hyperresonance upon percussion of...
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Analysis Of Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Respiratory Distress syndrome has been one of the most challenging diseases that clinicians have had troubled managing in pediatrics patients. One of the challenges that clinicians have encountered with is proving the proper treatment strategies since pediatrics have several differences than an adult does within. In order to have a better understanding we must first...
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