Essays on Responsibility

Personal Responsibility for Health: Critical Analysis

Personal Health When one is facing death like Tom Shadyac did you can do anything. Tom Shadyac after a bicycle accident suffered post-concussion syndrome. I think through maintaining personal health is what made Tom overcome the syndrome. First of all, post-concussion syndrome is a complex disorder in which various symptoms such as headaches and dizziness...

Report on Ethical, Privacy and Social Responsibility Issues for a New Multiplayer Game for Children

Purpose MonGamerz wants to develop a new game for children within age eight to fourteen years. In this business report, privacy, ethical, and social responsibility issues that can arise while developing this game are illustrated. A practical recommendation to tackle these issues is given at the end of the report. Findings Privacy problems Company wants...

Legal and Ethical Consequences of Responsibility: Analytical Essay

This case study will focus on the making ethical and legal decision concerning Doreen’s recent medical condition after she suffered traumatic and life-threatening conditions. The values of Doreen, Bea, and Vera Bennet her prison governor and justice of peace, will be discussed. This essay also explains to how medical emergency team (MET) respect Doreen wishes...
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Cybersecurity As a Responsibility of Everyone: Analytical Essay

Digitalisation has now impressed virtually all areas of our lives, such as public administration, service sector, manufacturing industry, etc. Smart homes, mobile working, e-health and developments like driverless cars are further examples of advancing digitalisation, which presents many opportunities, as well as a number of threats. Cyber security is a major factor in the success...

Fundamental Attribution Error in Rape Culture: Responsibility and Blame of Victims

Abstract This paper reviews the work of two studies on the responsibility and blame of victims. Cohn, Dupuis, & Brown (2009) prepared two studies to investigate responsibility based on resistance and reputation. While Untied, Orchowski, Mastroleo, & Gidycz (2012) created a study to measure responsibility responses towards victims and perpetrators. The intent is to recognize...

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