Essays on Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice In Education

What if your school stopped suspending students? What if instead of keeping problem students locked inside a room for days on end or restricting them from coming to school at all? What if that different solution yielded better results in terms of resolving conflicts and preventing students from repeating the same offence? What if the...
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Restoring Justice: A Response To Rethinking Incarceration

A few days ago I shared a meal with a formally incarcerated man from the United Kingdom. I listened intently as he shared his journey plagued by increased racial stereotyping. We discussed the continuing rise of incarceration rates, prison overcrowding, and possible solutions for rehabilitation. We also compared his experiences to those of prisoners in...
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Restorative Justice System In Community-Based Cases

Assumptions and attitudes can be used to define the perceptions of people in different situations. The frame of reference, therefore, entails the use of values preferences, culture and beliefs to arrive of the conclusion of judgment on a particular context. For instance, one can look at a group of youths with dreads and instantly assume...
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