Essays on Revolution

The Scientific Revolution: Definition And Representatives

The scientific revolution, known also by age of enlightenment, was a theoretical drive that occurred in Europe during late 17th and early 18th century. The givers thought they were elevating human intelligence after the dark. The scientific revolution brought about a change in which people saw the world in their time, and also how to...
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industrial revolution is a crucial improvement and changes in the history of humanity of our current modern world. An Industrial Revolution at its core occurs when a society shifts from using tools to make products to using new sources of energy, such as coal, to power machines in factories. The first industrial revolution was started...
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Reasons Of Russian Revolution

Revolution refers to the forceful overthrow of a country’s government so as to introduce a new political system often by using war or violence as stated by the University of Cambridge (2018). The revolution occurred due to a number of reasons such as Russia being involved in The Crimean War, The Russo-Turkish War, The Russo-Japanese...

Mexican Revolution: Historical Background, Causes and Key Figures

Introduction History proves that in at the end of the day, people will do what is needed to survive and thrive. When a country’s leadership is wavering and conditions become poor enough that people are starving and dying, citizens will respond. People in Mexico believed that the revolution would bring social justice, so it began....
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