Essays on Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad As A Financial Education Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a financial education book whose purpose is to teach the reader the path to financial independence. The book is an asset itself, only that it is for the mind and as you will see we should work to learn not to work to gain money. It is a tool for...
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Concept Of Father In Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert compares his biological father to those that keep on working for companies and people, after studying And managing to get degrees, but still can’t get any further in life. He believes his father fell into the long living life cycle of people that are never able to satisfy their goals and dreams that they...
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The Main Lessons Of Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

There is a number of great lessons that this book speaks about: That the rich invent money, That they don’t need to work for their money. At the same time, they should mind their own business Not to focus on others’ riches but their very own. But the greatest lesson of them all the need...
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