Essays on Risk

Risk Management: Types Of Risk And Risk Levels

Abstract We face uncertainty, almost every day and its measure is a risk. In this article, I will talk about how we can identify the risk we are facing, evaluate it and plan accordingly. These skills are important especially for people facing hard decisions with great consequences if chosen poorly, so it is crucial to...
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Types Of Risk Management Software: Scoping And Functionality

The role of risk management software is undoubtedly a key element of many modern-day businesses, with contemporary business organisations becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Risk management is required for any business to enable them to identify the potential risks and manage them to prevent any detrimental damage. With the increase in high-risk activities, due to...
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Risk Management: Political, Economic, Social, Legal And Technological Factors

1. Political Factors: Political risks can be caused by many different issues, such as changes in the legislation, government, and by situations where political protests may be involved. Although there are other factors that may be contributed to the political factors, these can include employment issues, government debt, and climate initiatives. Political factors cannot be...
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Risk Assessment: Articles Review

Risk Assessment Articles I am going to discuss and analyse the efficiency and the effectiveness that current risk assessments used in hospitals have, on addressing violent and aggressive behaviour of patients towards health care workers. My main viewpoint, from researching various journals and articles on this topic, is that while risk assessments play a crucial...
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Physical Security Risk Assessment

Executive summary This organized submission presents a moderately detailed analysis of various security models as they apply to Happy Health Systems and the healthcare industry at large. Security Risk Assessment in Care Settings are intended to protect and secure health information (electronic protected health information or ePHI) from a wide range of threats, whether in...
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Risk Assessment: Brisbane Metro Project

Risk Assessment Before beginning the Brisbane Metro project, it is important to perform a risk assessment. This will allow us to: Understand the possible risks that can be encountered during the project Pinpoint the sources of each risk involved Determine the likelihood of occurrence and severity of impact tied to each risk Plan ways to...
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Case Study: Uber Risk Management

The government often modifies or establishes new policies to ensure the economy stable and citizens rights, every company must operate under the government control, and compliance with laws and regulations. Through my investigation, I will use Uber as a case to demonstrate the impacts of this external environment change. Uber has poor risk management within...
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Case Study: Risk Management Process, Its Concept

High Exposure Risk Healthcare is one industry sector that Mubadala Development Company is also supervising and managing. Also, the company has its services sector where it delivers essential products and goods to its customers. In this connection, we can say that Mubadala is also exposed to high risk especially among its workers just like in...
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